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  • What is my problem?

    Can someone give me some guidance of what my problem might be? Printer was doing fine but lately started doing this (see photo)
    Thanks in advance!
    p.s. It is a Anycubic Vyper printer and I use Cura 13 to slice.

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    I would say that the nozzle is too close to the bed.


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      I would start by checking the bed level. You said it just started are you using a different filament that previously? Some brands take more or less heat than others. For instance I use a lot of Coex PLA and it prints best between 225c-230c, Hatchback I print at 205c & esun PLA+ at 215c just to give you and example.


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        Actually, I would say the nozzle is too high. I'm seeing strings of filament that appear to have just been dropped onto the bed instead of squished down. Also, there appear to be gaps between many of the lines. An out of level bed can cause this too.