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    Glad it worked. Took me quite a while to figure out what was wrong when I first tried to get it set up. That's why I suggested a small grid - which let you get it working. With the ease of editing you can keep making small adjustments until you are happy. I have mine running at a 5 x 5 grid on my Enders and a 7x7 on my Rat Rig.


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      I had the same problem. That's when the ability to change a value in Klipper and test in less than a minute became so apparent and great


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        Soon as I used your suggestion and it ran I then saw the small pattern it was probing so then went back to the 20,20 then subtracted the offset from the max & got an error by .5 dropped it 2,5 and it was good to go. I might kick mine up to 5x5 too won't add that much time my EZABL is fast anyway. Tried doing a print but it didn't stick worth a darn. Still trying to get Ideamaker to play nice with Klipper. Don't know what is causing it yet but Ideamaker will not send the START_PRINT or END_PRINT macros so I had to tweak my normal start gcode to get it to work, including changing one of my purge line settings.

        After getting the bed mesh to work I was able to get the display to work again, I have an Ender 3 Pro display of my v2. Getting the display to work wa one of the easiest things I've done. I put the screen stuff in a separate cfg file to keep the printer.cfg from getting to big. Now I want to figure out this menu thing so I can add baby steps to the menu. That will make it much easier to adjust the Z-offset it needed.

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          You don't like the Z Offset setting in the MailSail Dashboard?


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            Can't say that I tried them but the laptop is across the room so it would be easier from the menu on the printer. Guess I could use an old 8" tablet for Mainsail that might even be a better option. Something to do tomorrow. Does Mainsail have an App?


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              Doesn't really need 1. It is its own web server, so you just use a browser to connect to the Pi.


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                Before starting with Z Offset calibration, please make sure the bed is level following the steps in the next post
                To calibrate the Z offset with Klipper and ABL Probe, first start by homing all axis:
                G28 #home all axis

                Next send a probe calibrate command to tell the printer we want to calibrate the Z axis:

                Once this command is entered the printer will attempt to discover the Z offset and report back what it thinks it should be:
                Z position: ?????? –> 6.025 <– ??????

                Start the manual calibration steps. Grab a piece of paper and slide it between the nozzle and print bed and start lowering the nozzle until you feel a slight resistance when moving the paper back and forth. To lower the nozzle enter the below command. Adjust the value and repeat until you feel a slight resistance:
                TESTZ Z=-.1

                Once you feel a slight resistance, type accept to save your values:
                bltouch: z_offset: 1.099
                The SAVE_CONFIG command will update the printer config file
                with the above and restart the printer.

                Now type SAVE_CONFIG and restart the printer to load the new config.

                Verify the accuracy of the new settings.
                G28 #home all axis

                The printer will now run a series of tests to verify the repeatability of the probe results.
                probe accuracy results: maximum 1.104000, minimum 1.091500, range 0.012500, average 1.099500, median 1.100250, standard deviation 0.004717

                Looking for a range of 0.0125 or better, but not worse than 0.025. The Z Height is now calibrated. For additional reading reference the Klipper docs

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                  Yep, that's the procedure I used. After doing that I printed my usual 20x20, 1-layer squares to ensure I get a Z Offset that's as close to perfect as possible.


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                    Klipper bed leveling with SCREWS TILT ADJUST and BLTouch or Inductive Probe such as EZABL

                    Leveling your print bed is easy using Klipper and a probe such as the BLTouch or EZABL. First verify the locations of the bed leveling screws are defined in your printer.cfg
                    [screws_tilt_adjust] # these are an example yours maybe different
                    horizontal_move_z: 5
                    screw1: 70,213
                    screw1_name: back left
                    screw2: 235,213
                    screw2_name: back right
                    screw3: 70,47
                    screw3_name: front left
                    screw4: 235,47
                    screw4_name: front right

                    If this has just been added issue a restart so Klipper loads the new config. Once Klipper is back online, we want to send a few commands to the terminal:
                    #Home All Axis
                    #Adjust Bed Level

                    The probe will now go the locations defined in the printer.cfgfile and probe for the distance to the bed.

                    In the terminal you will see the probe results and they will be followed up with something similar to the output below:
                    // front right : X 235.0, Y 47.0, Z 1.60750 : Adjust -> CW 00:02
                     // front left : X 70.0, Y 47.0, Z 1.65250 : Adjust -> CCW 00:04
                     // back right : X 235.0, Y 213.0, Z 1.58625 : Adjust -> CW 00:04
                     ]// back left (Base): X 70.0, Y 213.0, Z 1.62250

                    Adjust the bed according the output for each corner. Once complete, run the SCREWS_TILT_CALCULATE command again and repeat the process until you are happy with the results. Remember you shouldn't adjust the base screw so in essence this is doing a 3 point level because we are only adjusting 3 of the screws.

                    Now we can home the axis and create a mesh
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                    • Again, yup. I should have mentioned the Screw Tilt Adjust in my last post. In fact, I do it even before calibrating Z Offset.


                      • Gramps
                        Gramps commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I have solid mounts so there isn't a whole lot of adjust can be done

                    • Oh, BTW, don't be afraid to make changes to the automated section of printer.cfg. That's the section at the very bottom that says not to makes changes. Just don't insert any blank lines -- they will cause the section to fail. Instead of going through the Z Offset procedure over and over and over, I use the procedure once to get the basic offset. Then, using the 20mm squares, I determine the final Z Offset and alter the automated setting to match. FYI, increasing the Z Offset value lowers the nozzle; decreasing raises it.


                      • I don't think my printer.cfg has an automated section that says not to edit. Or maybe it's been added and I haven't noticed it yet. Now you got me thinking, I do 99% of my editing on the desktop using a text editor then uploading the file to Klipper, I might be overwriting the automated section. If I edit in Mainsail I then download it to my desktop.

                        I have managed to print one sample square with Klipper, it was one that I downloaded from Klipper and not I don't even remember what I was suppose to be looking at after it printer. It's like 40mmx40mm and only wall about 2mm thick. It didn't look to bad consider it was printed at .3mm as suggested.


                        • Yes, editting printer.cfg and uploading the file to the Pi will overwrite the automated section. I would not recommend doing that. You don't need to anyway. The file can be editted directly from within Mainsail. Simply browse into the Pi. The Mailsail main web page should come up. I don't recall exactly in which section, but poke around and you should find the config files. Clicking on a file will open it in the Klipper editor. Make your changes, then click Save and Restart.

                          If you don't do it this way you are more likely to lose automated setting updates to the printer.cfg. The section is created and updated every time you issue a SAVE_CONFIG.


                          • I was using the desktop txt editor because I could see the black on white better than white on black. Plus the Mainsail editor doesn't have. search, or least I don't think so. I think the tab with the config files is called Machine. Maybe I can change the editor colors in preferences. From here on out I'll do the editing in Mainsail.


                            • I believe you can change the theme for Mainsail itself. I'm not sure the editor has any of its own color options. For searching, try Ctrl+F to open a search box.