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Ender 3 / V2 Fan Shroud crumbling

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  • Ender 3 / V2 Fan Shroud crumbling

    Does anyone have a stl file to print a new fan shroud for the Ender 3 /V2
    Mine is falling apart. The plastic inside has all broken where the fan screws go. I had to
    put bolts in to hold the fan in place.

    Click image for larger version

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    40x20 fan housing to fit the Ender3 V2 with original blower fan (this one still noisy tho, might change that for an other sunon 40mm fan in the future). Made to fit with a 40x20 sunon MF40202V2-1000U-A99 fan (bought on digikey) Noise level of this fan is good compared to OEM and it should last relatively long since it uses magnetic levitation bearings. added a nice velocity stack to improve airflow and prevent putting fingers in the fan without a restrictive grill. EDIT: as someone noted on facebook, the fans make more noise with these things on... If you have temperature issues it does help airflow, otherwise you might want to leave it to reduce noise... I'll have to make shorter push pins for that. coming soon. Fan is fixed tool less with 4 push pins. Holds great I fixed the part cooling fan and the shroud with some #4 x 1/2 wood screws from the hardware store. The shroud prints face down with no supports P.S. added some fins inside the velocity stack V2 to make it stiffer and easier to unstick from the print bed and it should make airflow a little more efficient in the process too.


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      There are a bunch on that you can print. A couple are pretty much direct replacements, others are upgrades of 1 kind or another:
      This is a TinkerCAD remix for use on Ender3 V2 to reduce noise and maximize air flow: bigger intake fan opening with chamfered edge still no fan guard (not a good choice, if you have pets or young children) more exhaust side ports relocated mounting holes to fit Ender3 V2 modified to be able to reuse and fit the original part fan/nozzle Using ebmpapst 414 fan Added variance of my remix E3V2_Fan_cover_v2.stl - add fan mounting pillars to hide screws inside E3V2_Fan_cover_BLTv1.stl - relocate mouting tab to alow fan cover removal with out removing BL touch first (with original Creality bracket) E3V2_Fan_cover_BLTv2_1.stl - same as above with added fan mounting pillars If download button does not work. You can get it here as well.

      Update: 3/10/2022 I have uploaded a new STL with corrected post positions as well as a conversion of the fan posts to support M3 threaded inserts (for convenience). Many popular hotend fans that run silent are 40x20mm versus the stock 40x10mm model in the existing Ender 3 V2. Unfortunately the stock Ender hot end assembly shroud cover is too cramped to fit one. What I have done here is to modify the Ender 3 V2 cover to allow room for a 40x20mm hotend fan (such as the Noctua A4x20 FLX), in addition to other changes to permit 3D printing without supports. The benefit of using this model is that it's backwards compatible with stock, and you will not have to change anything else whatsoever. It also resembles the stock shroud closely. You will need to hot sink brass threads, similar to the original part. The source CAD from Creality that I based this off of appears to have some inaccuracies in boss location, so therefore you might need to adjust the position of two of the threads subtly by nudging it into the correct position while heating it with a soldering iron tip. It's not difficult to do. You can optionally sink M3 threads into the bosses meant for the hotend fan. You can also drill these out if you wish to use the Noctua silicon bosses. Please note that the plastic posts for aligning the blower unit work better in the original ABS injection molded part than they do in a printed part. They will line up fine, but frequently snap. In the future I intend to replace these with some M2 screws, and I invite anybody to remix this model to both do the same as well as make any necessary adjustments to improve accuracy.

      Cache hotend pour accueillir 2 ventilateur 40x20 utilisant le support d'origine (plastique avec le bec) pour le refroidissement du filament. Toujours en développement pour améliorer certains points mineurs et le design mais il s'adapte tout de même très bien et sans modification. Hotend cover to accommodate 2 40x20 fans using the original support (plastic with the nozzle) for cooling the filament. Still in development to improve some minor points and the design but it still fits very well and without modification.

      Revision of a design by Technivorous on: Added version for 40x20x20mm fan, but didn't print or test fit it. Note the print instructions.

      Update: Ahmad has created a version 2 of his design - please go check it out and donate to him: Important: This is a remix of by Ahmad Sunardi I think this is the most beautiful fan duct for the Ender 3 V2 increasing the cooling performance by using two 4010 blower fans. However the original design of the above creator had some issues which I fixed in this remix. Mainly the hole on the front for the heat break cooler - it is simply too small so that the heat break was not cooled sufficiently. Also I added a tab to reduce air leaking onto the part. The design consists of three parts: Frontplate_V3.stl - the main body Backplate_V3.stl - used to mount the main body to the carriage Airducts_V3.stl - holds the two fans Alternative for a 4020 Sunon fan: Frontplate_Sunon4020.stl - the main body Airducts_Sunon4020.stl - the airducts This air duct has some neat features: dual 4010 fans with part cooling from both sides the main body is hinged and can be removed with only two screws the blower fans sit in a seperate housing BL Touch works with the stock metal bracket I would not recommend to print this in PLA as it sits quite close to the hotend. I used PETG and GreenTec - both work perfectly fine. Update: I have added a version for a 4020 Sunon fan as the heatsink fan. The respective files are named *_Sunon4020.stl. Update 2: If you need help assembling the shroud: mattpker has create an assembly video right here: Update 3: If you want to use heated brass inserts instead of just taping into the plastic then I recommend this great remix:

      Satsana for Creality Ender 3 V2 remix adding a BLTouch mount. This design works with stock fans. Added a 5015 version remix of Scrath_ (Sorry but I can't add this one to remix source files because Thingiverse is broken). Mine preserves the roundness of the left side duct and avoids X carriage wheel disassembly. BLTouch offsets are X-46 Y-8.

      I've moved my designs over to prusaprinters since I am unhappy with the current state of thingiverse. The currently uploaded versions of my designs will stay available here but I will only update my models on the prusaprinters website from now on. Please read the entire description before posting questions! Many questions regarding the design have already been asked so you could also read through the comments too. This is a remix of the Satsana fanduct by eric-anastas for the purpose of mounting it on the Ender 3 V2 and adding a BLTouch mount. Additionally I made a version that fits a 5015 fan for better cooling. As this was made on the basis of the normal Ender 3 version it will fit both on the ender 3 v2 and the original ender 3/ender 3 pro. Thanks to markymarc for confirming the compatibility on his ender 3 pro. The 4010 version does not require any additional screws besides those found on the Ender 3 V2 fanduct. For the 5015 version you will need 2 M4 nuts and 2 M4x17 bolts. A milimeter more or less is also fine. For modeling the BLTouch mount I used this as a reference. Unfortunately thingiverse is bugged so I can't add this to the list of items I remixed from. As I based my BLTouch mount on this one, the probe offset is the same (probe offset: X-42.00 Y-10.00). Due to some people experiencing clearance issues with the first version of the bltouch bracket there is now a V2 version which has more clearance by moving the bltouch a little bit more to the side. The offset for the V2 bracket is X-43.65 Y-10. If you want to remix this feel free to do so. I have included the .stp files. Keep in mind though that the model of the X-carriage in those files is that of the old ender 3 and not the V2. If you want an accurate model of the V2 carriage for modeling I recommend this one: For the 5015 fan model I used this: Info regarding the BLTouch bracket V2: People are having issues with the original bltouch bracket having too little clearance for the btlouch cable connector. This version moves the bltouch arm more to the side (1.657mm more clearance to be exact). The offset therefore has to be adjusted a little (the new offset is X-43.65 Y-10). If you plan to modify this bracket you will need to download the .step file for the BLTouch Bracket V2 as the bracket in the fanduct step files is still the original design Optional support bracket There is also an optional support bracket which I modeled as a request but did not test. It uses the same bolts as those that came with the creality fanshroud. It is not necessary to use this. It's supposed to hook over the metal plate and support the right side of the fanduct but the fanduct is light enough that it doesn't matter.

      I remixed the top mounting hole to align with the hole in the Ender V2 X gantry plate. Use the shorter, silver M3 screws found when you take apart the stock fan shroud, not the one that is normally used to hold the stock fan shroud. This is my first remix so I hope it helps someone! UPDATE: Confirm that your gantry plate has the extra threaded hole not used by the OEM V2 fan shroud. See last picture. 11/18/20 - added STEP file, FreeCad file and cable cap (should've done this from the beginning!)

      I took over the project from x4runnerGunnerx : I added the dragon Ender logo I hope you enjoy


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        Thanks for all those links.
        Lot's of good ones

        Do you have any preference?
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        • Ender5r
          Ender5r commented
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          Not really. For me, it comes down to what I'm trying to accomplish: simple replacement of existing shroud or upgrade to better fans and maybe BL Touch. You might start with a simple shroud, just so you get something in place, then consider whether, and what, to upgrade. In that case I think the first couple are good choices.

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        The only problem with 3d printed shrouds is the screw holes that the screws screw into strip after only a couple of removal's. Suggest you use these to prevent that. Works for me very well.

        Also might consider getting this, makes it easy to install them

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