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Causes and ways to fix lawn mowers that do not explode, difficult to explode

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  • Causes and ways to fix lawn mowers that do not explode, difficult to explode

    Non-explosive or difficult to explode is one of the most common problems with lawn mowers (lawn generators). So what is the main cause of this situation? How to repair?

    Due to fuel
    A lawn mower that does not start can be due to exhausted fuel or dirty gasoline, containing impurities or dirt. The fix is ​​very simple, if the gas runs out, you need to refill it, and if the gasoline is dirty, you should remove all the modern gasoline and replace it with a new, better quality gasoline.

    Due to the wind butterfly
    If the blower is in the open state, the lawn mower will not start. So check and make sure the blower is closed before starting the lawn mower.

    Due to spark plugs
    The lawn mower does not explode, it is difficult to explode, it may be because the spark plug has lost its fire, damaged the BXC carburetor or lost steam, replacing the spark plug, IC. In this case, you can fix it by cleaning the dirt, adjusting the ignition openings to the correct position. If you do all these things and still can't start, there is a high chance that the spark plug is damaged and the balance needs to be replaced.

    Because the ratio of gasoline to oil for lawn mowers is not accurate
    The 2-stroke lawn mowers use fuel that is viscous gasoline. The ratio of gasoline to oil for lawn mowers must be correct, neither too little nor too much. Because if you mix too much oil, it will lead to the phenomenon of spark plug soot, causing the spark plug to fail quickly, the lawn mower is difficult to explode and produces a lot of black smoke when running. If the oil is mixed with too little oil, it will not be enough to lubricate the machine, causing the machine parts to be damaged quickly due to friction. The only way to fix this is to make sure that the gasoline and oil used for the lawn mower have been mixed in the correct proportions specified by the manufacturer.

    Due to a dirty fuel tank
    With lawn mowers that have been used for a long time, the fuel tank is very prone to deposits. You need to remove the fuel filter and check if it has the ability to absorb gasoline, is it clogged. If the filter is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one.

    Because the fuel tank is loose or cracked
    The fuel tank is loose or cracked, causing gasoline to spill out, the fuel is not sucked into the fuel tank (engineering) leading to the condition that the lawn mower does not explode and is difficult to explode. You should replace the new gas tank for the lawn mower.

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