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Name:	8D45D441-2AA9-46BE-AF98-4619022DC9F8.jpeg
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ID:	10386 I’ve had my ender three pro for about a month now watched several Vax videos Was getting decent prints but still getting stringing. Ran a-retraction tower 5mm was very little strings so decided to do a few quick retraction test prints to find the sweet spot (attached are just a few) I did every .5 mm from 5-10 they all look the same... I decided I must have done something wrong so settled with 5.5mm and commenced to do a print (iron man from thingverse for my daughter) The print started great I couldn’t of asked for better results then I got above the base to the legs everything fell apart. Check for nozzle clogged everything I could possibly think of check for proper belt tension as well as insured my hot end pulley was not loose. Can anybody tell me where I went wrong as you can tell in the picture my layers look perfect thanks to dr vax’s videos. I am running a stock ender 3 pro with the Capricorn tubing
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    What material? Try lowing the print temperature and/or turning on coasting/linear advance.



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      In addition to lowering the temp & using coasting as Alan said, you could also try retraction towers with values from 1mm to 5mm.


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        Working with Amazon Basics PLA at 200 deg will try dropping temps tonight to 195 however at 190 was getting poor quality layer adhesion. Also put the print walls from outside to in which helped a little bit. Will turn on coasting linear advance as well start my tests at 1mm and go up. Just was a little confused why I was seeing 2 different results for the same setting


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          Alan and Ender5r thanks for the help after several failed attempts I decided to do a bottom up calibration. I started by checking my E step’s which apparently were way off. Then I worked on my flow setting it was off but not very far and then ran a new temperature tower and with the new Settings I was able to get decent results at a much lower temperature than before. With the lower temperature I end up with very little stringing. I am still not 100% satisfied with my results but I believe now I have a solid baseline to fine-tune off of. Click image for larger version

Name:	C9F59461-1007-4F9E-9312-315B337C82C5.jpeg
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            Nice work. And I believe you have used the right approach: start from basics, get them dialed in, then refine from there.